Copy of Protective Spaces Policy

At every event we expect a certain standard from our staff & our patrons. We aim to create a space where all feel welcome, and everyone can express themselves as they choose. This is not possible without your help to create a safe and inclusive space for everyone at our events. We strongly condemn any verbal, physical or sexual abuse of any kind at our events and beyond.

Everyone must:

  • respect each other's personal space, and always ask for consent. 

  • If someone says no or asks you to leave them alone - listen to them.

  • Take care of each other. If you see someone that needs help or a situation that looks questionable or uncomfortable, intervene or find a staff member to step in.

We have introduced you to our founders, so know you can always reach out to them if you feel uncomfortable in any regard.

  • We have zero tolerance for booking known abusers. 

  • We communicate our policies to both talent and venues when creating our events. 

Feedback Policies:

  • We encourage attendees to speak up when they are being harassed or are witnessing it happen to someone else. We are on your side and will take action. 

  • If you want to report an issue after an event you can email us at We will also have a feedback box where you can anonymously submit anything. We are here to ensure YOU feel safe.

  • Complaints will be taken very seriously. We hold the right to deny entry to our events to any individual that violates this code of ethics.

We are working diligently to ensure everyone on our team is trained, including First Aid, Naloxone, and Harm Reduction via Goodnight Out Vancouver. If there are ever growth opportunities, we would love to connect 🌙